Budget Electronics

Budget Electronics (comes with captive wallwart power supply*)
(Add $11 per jack for premium teflon jacks)

    DB-8        Phono Preamplifier , 37 dB gain, RIAA within .04 dB, .002% distortion, output 150 ohms                    175
                     Photo   Specs    Option: Teflon gold jacks $44,  Teflon insulated silver-plated copper internal wiring $15,    +6dB gain $10
    DB-8HG      Moving Coil RIAA Phono Preamplifier, 52 dB gain      200
                      Specs   Photo    Option: Teflon gold jacks $44
    DB-9        Headphone Amp with volume control             185
            with ALPS volume control           245
                       Photo   Specs    Review pg 1    Review pg 2
    DB-10       Microphone Preamp                     175
    DB-11       Moving Coil Headamp, 22 dB gain, feeds a phono input   200
    DB-12       Subsonic Filter 18 dB per octave, -3 dB @ 25 Hz, -18 dB @ 12 Hz, flat response in pass band, fast cutoff below (18 dB Butterworth).
                      Intended to be placed between preamp and amp or  in  tape loop            185     Specs     Photo
    DB-14       Variable Low Pass                     230

     * May be ordered with the High Voltage High Current Regulated Power Supply
            for $195 additional