Full Line Electronics

Preamplifiers (1)
    DB-lB/2A    PRECISION PREAMPLIFIER (10-1/2" panel, Oak Cabinet)  1200  photo
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                   Preamp Question and Answer pg1  pg2  pg3
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    DB-1B-HL/DB-2A As above, no phono, 5 line inputs, tin jacks    1050
    DB-lA/2A    PRECISION PREAMPLIFIER Budget version (8-1/2" panel)1000
    DB-1A-HL/DB-2A  As above, no phono, 5 line inputs, tin jacks     800

 DB-4B   PRECISION PRE-PREAMPLIFIER (Requires DB-2A)         470
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      See below for integral power supply
DB-4B-WW   DB-4B with captive wall wart supply, 100-240 VAC    495
    Audio Cover

    DB-6A        PRECISION POWER AMPLIFIER (40 W 8 Ohms)        1350  photo
    DB-6A-M   PRECISION MONO POWER AMPLIFIER (140 W 8 Ohms)    2700/pair
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Crossover (1)
    DB-3        Available 6 dB to 36 dB slopes, fixed frequency.    580 to 1120
                Slopes: 6, 12 dB gaussian; 12 dB Butterworth, 18 dB Butterworth, 24 dB Linkwitz-Riley "In Phase", 36 dB In Phase
            (Requires DB-2A - $230)
            Custom versions for Snell and Magnepan available.
                  Snell: A-III & a-III imp., Ci  & C-2 & A orig. imp, A-II.
                  Magnepan:  MG-Ib or Ic, IIb or IIc, III/IIIa, IIIB, IV, IVa, ID, 20.
                     2-way Gaussian 580
                     3-way Gaussian 695
                     2-way Butterworth 770
                     3-way Butterworth 1070
                     2-way In Phase 24 dB 970
                     2-way In Phase 36 dB 1120
                     Snell A-III 1030
                     Snell Ci 1100
                     Snell A-II 940
                     Magnepan 3A 700
Option:  Premium gold plated teflon jacks
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                     Audiogram Review of DB-3-24 In Phase Crossover
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                     Crossover Usage  pg1  pg2  pg3
                     Crossover Hookup
Tone Control (1)
    DB-5        PRECISION TONE CONTROL Basic version         750
    DB-5AU      PRECISION TONE CONTROL with oak cabinet         900
                     Spec Sheet pg 1    pg 2     pg 3     curves-1     curves-2

Phase Inverter (1)
    DB-7        PRECISION PHASE INVERTER +bridging+subsonic+supersonic filter     370
             (Requires DB-2A)
                      Spec Sheet pg 1   pg 2 
Power Supply
    DB-2A       POWER SUPPLY Regulated, with dual electrostatic
              shields, soft turn-on, fold back current limiting    230, same with cosmetic defects 180

Note: (1) Optional premium teflon gold plated jacks $16 per jack, gold plated jacks $8 ea.  Updates are available for most of our products--premium connectors, balanced inputs/outputs etc.
Inquire for details.

Selected Updates
--DB-1 & DB-2 to DB-1A/2A  Improved RIAA (.04 dB) and complete retest.  Includes gold plated phono jacks (2) and diamond cut solid aluminum knobs. $128
--DB-1A to DB-1B Includes new lower noise high level stage, Alps 80 dB tracking volume control, 6 dB better channel separation, all gold plated jacks, solid oak cabinet with new front panel and warranty extension to three years.  (Also available with old panel and new solid walnut cabinet for reduced cost). $450
--Install gold plated jacks on DB-1, DB-1A ( rugged panel mount jacks installed) $144 ($8 ea.).  Teflon gold jacks $16 each.
--Install Alps volume control.  Includes tweaking tracking (balance) in that preamp.  $98
--DB-4 to DB-4B Gain increased by 5 dB, noise reduced by 4 dB + gold plated jacks 70
--DB-4A to 4B 3 dB more gain, 2 dB less noise 37
--DB-2 to 2A Lower output impedance, 12 dB less ripple and soft turn-on circuit 220
--DB-6 to 6A Improvement triples power supply capacitance to 42,000 uF for cleaner clipping.  Gold plated binding posts and jacks and warranty extension to two years, stereo 275, mono 255
--DB-6A to 6A+ Increases power supply capacitance to 126,000 uF  300
--Improved turn-on/off-transient suppression for older DB-6 power amplifiers 80
--Amplifier Conversion: -40 W stereo to 140 W mono amplifier 39
                                   -Mono to Stereo 55
--Amplifier Gold jacks:  Mono 20, Stereo 40