Test CDs                                                                                                                Mr 2010

Test CDs  (& l laserdisc), about 40 available.   Test LPs:  Inquire for details:
O/P means Out of Print.  They are unavailable unless otherwise noted. 
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Audio Engineering Society
-AES Perceptual Encoders $22

Acoustical Society of America
-AD Auditory Demonstrations $29

Audio (Germany)
-AO-1 Staccato $24, -AO-2 Staccato 2 $24, -AO-3 Perfect Percussion $24, -AO-4 Staccato 3 $24

Auvidis -SL-1 Sound Effects $34, -SL-2 Water Wind Fire Earth $17, -SL-3 Nature: Animals and Pets $17

Boston Audio Society -CD-1 $35

-CR Sonic Holography $13
    Has absolute polarity test

CBS Labs
-CB Test Disc $48 O/P

 -CH-1 Jazz Sampler and Audiophile Test $15, -CH-2 Vol 2 Best of CheskyJazz and More Audiophile Tests  $15, -CH-3 Vol. 3 Best of Chesky Classics & Jazz and Audiophile Test Disc $15, -CH-4 Ultimate Demo Disc $15

 -Digital Audio Check $25 O/P
 -Audio Technical CD $25 O/P
 -HiFi Check $25 O/P
 -Anechoic Orchestral Recording $50 O/P
A used copy is available for $75
 -SS Surround Sound spectacular Music/Tests $20

European Broadcasting Union
 -EB SQAM $68 O/P
    High quality recordings of voice and solo instruments for evaluation of speakers and rooms.

Gary Galo -GG De-Emphasis Tracks + Absolute polarity + 40 min 1 kHz $20    contents

HiFi News & Record Review
-HF-1 Test CD II $40, -HF-2  Test CD III $45 O/P

Japan Audio Society
-CD-1 Audio Test $55    contents
    91 tracks of test signals, no music, industry standard for professional tests
-CD-2 Impact $27 O/P, -CD-3 Impact 2 $27 O/P

-PH-1 Audio Frequency Test (SBC429) $91 O/P, PH-2 Defects/No (5/5A) $110 O/P, PH-3 Glass Disc $95 O/P

-PL Musical Illusions & Paradoxes $16

Pierre Verany
-PV-1 Compact Test $17  pg8, -PV-2 Digital Test $34 O/P
-SRD Studio Reverence Disc $50

Reference Recordings
-LVD Video Standard (12") $70
   A comprehensive series of test for Laserdisc players
Sony -SN-0 YEDS-1   Alignment disc $130  O/P    contents
         -SN-1 YEDS-7 (Type 3) Alignment disc $98  O/P   contents 1  contents 2
         -SN-2 YEDS-18 (Type 4) Alignment disc $118.50 O/P
One used copy is available for $120
Test LPs 
    HiFi News and Record Review $42
    Historic Test LPs: Inquire for list
    JVC Professional series
    CBS STR101 Seven Steps to Better LIstening
    Shure TTR110 Audio Obstacle Course
    Microacoustics MATT2002 Demonstration Record