Note:  Optional premium teflon gold plated jacks $16 per jack, gold plated jacks $8 ea.  Updates are available for most of our products--premium connectors, balanced inputs/outputs etc.
Inquire for details.

Selected Updates
--DB-1 & DB-2 to DB-1A/2A  Improved RIAA (.04 dB) and complete retest.  Includes gold plated phono jacks (2) and diamond cut solid aluminum knobs. $128
--Install gold plated jacks on DB-1A $144
--Install Teflon gold jacks on DB-1A $288
--Install Alps volume control $98
--DB-4 to DB-4B Gain increased by 5 dB, noise reduced by 4 dB + gold plated jacks 70
--DB-4A to 4B 3 dB more gain, 2 dB less noise 37
--DB-2 to 2A Lower output impedance, 12 dB less ripple and soft turn-on circuit 25
--DB-6 to 6A Improvement triples power supply capacitance to 42,000 uF for cleaner clipping.  Gold plated binding posts and jacks and warranty extension to two years, stereo 255, mono 235
--DB-6A to 6A+ Increases power supply capacitance to 126,000 uF 300
--Improved turn-on/off-transient suppression for older DB-6 power amplifiers 100
--Amplifier Conversion: -40 W stereo to 140 W mono amplifier 60
                                   -Mono to Stereo 80
--Amplifier Gold jacks:  Mono 20, Stereo 40